I was born feet first, just after my twin sister (whom I adore and lord over despite her advanced 44 minutes of age). We were raised unconventionally by a family with creative leanings; surrounded by color, design, textiles, and fashion. Growing up, we lived in and explored the far reaches of England, India, Hawaii and Africa. I remember the day when, at age 7 on the Isle of Wight, instinct made me stop & look underneath a rock. There I found a beautiful fossil, which I still cherish. It was the day my passion for objects old and artful began. Since then, I’ve never stopped trusting my gut or turning over rocks.

Naturally entrepreneurial, at 13 I co-created a swap meet on Kauai. By age 19, I opened a sweet little vintage clothing shop on Haight St. in San Francisco. My early twenties began a career styling & costuming for print, commercials & film.

I still travel widely, because you never know where the next treasure will turn up. But the Bay Area is home, with my lovely, supportive husband and our three crazy dogs.